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Diving, Fishing & Boating

The best diving, fishing and boating in Northland: Time to get your feet wet!

Thinking of getting away for the summer? Who needs an overseas holiday when Northland is right here, waiting to be explored! We’ve got some of the best diving, fishing and boating right here on our doorstep, and you don’t need to pay a fortune to experience it.

If you’re a keen outdoorsy type, then you’ll fall in love with Northland’s east coast. We’ve got everything on offer – if you love to dive, we oblige. Keen on fishing? Say no more. Have a hankering to get your boat wet? Well – we have plenty of boat ramps and the most beautiful coastline in New Zealand (ok – so we might be a little biased). Seriously, though – if you’re mad about water sports, Northland’s the coast to be on.

Even better, we have a range of holiday homes to match: and yes, it does help if you can brush off the sand, grab your towel and walk or drive a few minutes to your own comfy bach. Trust us: when you’ve had a long, hard day out on the blue, you’ll be keen for some home comforts in double quick time.

Launching your boat on holiday: boat ramps in Northland

So, you’re towing your boat up for the holidays, but you’re not sure where to launch? We’ve got you covered! Check out this guide to boat ramps in Northland, giving you the low-down on the best places to get your boat in and out of the water these holidays. Be sure you know the maritime rules before you head out too please – far too many avoidable accidents are happening in our local waters, damaging boats and risking lives. Save yourself from avoidable boat disasters by checking up on Northland’s maritime rules and regulations before you set out.

And had we mentioned the hardworking folk at Northland Coastguard yet? Oh – we’re big fans of the Coastguard, they’re always there when you need them! If you’re a boatie, but not a member of the Coastguard yet, check them out on the Northland Coastguard page.

Northland dive sites – who needs the islands?

Whether you’re a hunter-gatherer or a scenic diver, Northland has something for everyone. Our dive sites are as varied as our coastline – rocks, drop-offs, sandy-bottoms and seaweed gardens – you name it, we have it. Looking for crays? We have the best cray dive sites. And although we can’t tell you our own spots (are you cray-zee?) here’s a great article to give you some crayfish diving pointers for when you’re out next!

If you’re more of a scenic diver, then Northland will really blow your socks off. Seriously – you only need to drop in off the rocks to see some truly spectacular scenery. From seahorses to giant sand eels, we’ve got an array of sea life to make Kelly Tarlton’s pale in comparison. If you’re diving off Tutukaka, keep an eye out for Orca and dolphins; it’s not uncommon to have Ingrid Visser out on our waters following a pod of Orca around the coast. Nothing to be worried about, just another day diving in Northland!

Fishing in Northland – know your marine reserves

While it’s true that Northland is one of the most popular fishing destinations in New Zealand, it’s also true that we have a high density of marine reserves here on our coast – and if you don’t know where you’re fishing, then the penalty could mean loss of your boat. Keep track of where you’re at with this guide to Northland’s marine reserves – it could just save your holiday from disaster!

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