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Top 5 Romantic Winter Escapes: outdoor baths, fireplaces, massages & more!

When you imagine the ideal romantic winter escape, what comes to mind? If, like us, you immediately think of a romantic bath under the stars, or soft cushions in front of a cosy fireplace, or private forested clearings with a gourmet picnic lunch – this blog is for you.


We’ve put together our top 5 romantic winter escape ideas just for you: and all of these are easily achievable right here in Northland. Forget about the real world for a while, and take that special someone in your life on a mini-break they’ll never forget.

1. Re-kindle your fire with these cosy wood-burning holiday homes

Is there anything more romantic than snuggling with your gorgeous other half in front of a warm, glowing fire on a cold, grey winter afternoon? We don’t think so. Peel off those winter layers and feel the kiss of true heat on your poor wintery skin – relax into soft, plump cushions and let your mind and heart reconnect. Add champagne, chocolates and smooth music, and the mood is set for some next level romance!

2. Bathe under the stars with an outdoor bath for two

Fighting for first place on our list of romantic activities was the ever-popular outdoor bath: from rustic clawfoots in the bush (our personal favourite) through to state of the art spa baths with heated jets – if it’s hot and steamy you’re after, then it’s hot and steamy you’ll get! Pack your most delicious bath oils, bring your scented candles, and get ready to lie back and soak in the absolute peace of an outdoor bath. Of course, you may want to make room for your romantic partner…

3. Massage by the beach anyone? Make mine a double!

Oh yes – we’re serious. Just when you thought your romantic escape had plateaued, we’re throwing in the idea of a mobile masseuse to ease you both into another world altogether! Here on Northland’s glorious Tutukaka Coast, we’re lucky enough to have a number of mobile (and fixed) massage options. Bring your romantic partner and book a couple’s massage for the ultimate in romantic hedonism, or alternatively, ask for a private massage at your accommodation. Most of our extremely talented masseuses are more than happy to oblige: anything in the name of romance!
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4. A secluded gourmet picnic lunch by the beach

You know the old saying ‘the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach’? Well, the way to a woman’s heart is through a romantic picnic at the beach. Why not combine the two with a gourmet picnic lunch on our glorious Tutukaka coast, and add in some of the delectable local specialties while you’re at it? We have a range of eateries here on the coast who would be more than happy to arrange for a romantic takeaway lunch: simply choose your spot and pick up your 5 star picnic lunch on the way.
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5. Early morning yoga on the coast: mind, body and spiritual romance

When romantic strolls on the beach just aren’t enough, take it to the next level with some dawn yoga on a deserted stretch of white sand coastline. Rise with the sun and embrace the break of day with your romantic partner, celebrating the peace, tranquillity, and spirituality of your surroundings. Grow and strengthen those romantic bonds with your heart’s twin in a unique and memorable way: we are happy to facilitate a private yoga or meditation session in any private location of your choosing. Not sure where? Allow us to suggest some truly breath-taking spots!
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So there you have it, our top 5 romantic winter escape ideas right here on the Tutukaka Coast. You’re in love with your other half, and we’re in love with this place, let’s get together

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